The perfect pair

The perfect pair

At MILKANDHONEY, we believe in giving you a choice of versatile shoes! It is important to invest in a pair or two of coloured shoes that will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe.  That perfect pair will always sort you out whenever you’re unsure what will match your outfit.

Sticking to your natural colours like black, brown, grey, white or navy is always the way to go. Blush colours are also surprisingly a practical option!

Black can literally be worn with anything, you can pair it with a dull or bright outfit. Brown is also a very versatile colour and can be worn with almost anything, except an all brown outfit ;) ! And you can’t go wrong with beige, this suits everything! A pair of navy shoes is our favourite for this season, easily pair it with yellow, neutrals, brown, white, and green colours. And if you want to invest in a pair of gold shoes, pair it with black, red, white, emerald, blue, and burgundy!

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