Must Have Transitional Pieces

Must Have Transitional Pieces

As the August wind blows in Spring, your wardrobe is going to need a few transitional pieces! Here’s our five must have transitional pieces:

1. Our exclusive raw edge leather jacket. It’s easy to incorporate into almost any      outfit and can be worn all year round! Pair it with MILKANDHONEY jeans and        a top. Our leather jackets are available in a variety of colours. Match it with a        leather handbag.

2. A pair of brogues or mules. They are perfect for transitional weather, as they      aren’t too hot or cold for your feet. They also always make an outfit look                more chique.

3. Definitely a pair of sunglasses. Our Zemp sunglasses have polarised lenses        that are CE certified 100% UVA/UVB protective. They also come with a                  foldable hard case, that makes storage easy. And can be paired with almost          any outfit (except your PJ’s ;)).

4. A hat is a must have! It protects you from the sun (which causes wrinkles, by        the way) and makes you look extra cute. It also conveniently hides a bad hair        day (we all have those).

5. A pashmina or a scarf is definitely  a must have during this time of the year. It      warms you up quickly and if you’re too hot just drape it over your neck! Pair it        with your MILKANDHONEY outfits!