Styling Your Silks
Styling Your Silks

In 2,700 BC Lei Zu (the Goddess of Silkworms), the wife of an Chinese Emperor, accidently discovered silk, whilst attempting to remove a cocoon that fell into her tea, in the process the silk thread started unravelling.

Not only is silk smooth and soft, it is also lightweight, breathable and not slippery. Making it very comfortable!

Don’t know how to style your silks?  Here’s a few tips from us to you!

Silk tops look great when paired with jeans or semi-fitted pants, as the top is already flowy and full, opt for narrow fitted pants, pants with a flare or fuller shape paired with this style of blouse, will give the appearance of a fuller and/or shapeless look.

For a more formal look pair your silk top with a skirt and accessories like jewellery and a handbag.


On a chilly day or a night out, pair it with our exclusive raw edge jacket or a denim jacket.


You can style your MILKANDHONEY silk dresses up by adding a leather belt, shoes and hat with it.

On a chilly day or night out just layer it with a jersey or our raw edge leather jacket, or denim jacket, boots and belt. A leather handbag instantly makes the ensemble look more polished.